and Restorer of Order



Welcome to Tom Evans Photography

My name is Tom Evans and I am a Still Photographer.

I live and work out of Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA.

My specialty is Art Documentation but I also shoot Interior Design projects, Portraits and the occasional Special Event.

Since 2003 I have offered Digital Asset Management as a service.

This enables people with image libraries to make their collections simpler to search and to distribute.

In 2013 I started building Online Business sites and offering this as a service in conjunction with Social Media Marketing and consulting.

I am available and would love to discuss your project no matter what medium you work in.

As a Personal Project I have been photographing Artists as either their own Subject or as their own Art. If you get the concept and would like to participate, please drop me a line and we can discuss a collaboration.


A word about Restoring Order

Introduction to Tom Evans and Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Essentially I impose order on collections of digital images.

In a nutshell, that’s what Digital Asset Management is. The discipline of ordering one’s digital assets (image files in my case) and enabling people to store and distribute them. Easily. For more information click here.